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An Introduction to Reminiscence Facilitation: Enhancing Wellbeing in Older Adults

Caring with our hearts. 

About this course

This e-learning module provides an introduction to reminiscence facilitation and its benefits for older adults. Participants will learn how to facilitate individual and group reminiscence sessions to create a supportive environment for sharing memories and experiences.

Course Access Period

Please note that this is an online self-paced asynchronous module delivered via the Gnowbe platform. Learners will be granted two months of access from the enrolment date. Do also note that the module tile may take up to 48 hours to show up on your dashboard after purchase, and your access will start after it has been made accessible.

For SUSS staff/alumni/students, you may sign up with your SUSS email account and use the coupon code IRF1S15 at the checkout page to enjoy 15% off the course price.

What you will learn

  • Explain the concept and benefits of reminiscence facilitation for older adults.
  • Identify and differentiate the different types of reminiscers and reminiscing.
  • Acquire practical communication skills to be able to facilitate individual and group reminiscence sessions.
  • Create reminiscence activities that foster a safe and supportive environment for sharing.


1) Participants must complete 100% of this module, inclusive of all the activities. The activities include reading the content, watching video clips, doing practice quizzes that allows unlimited attempts.

2) Participants must also achieve a minimum score of 80% for the final assessment at the end of the E-Learning module.

Target Audience

This e-learning module is designed for family members, professionals and volunteers working with older adults in a variety of settings, including residential homes, active ageing centres, assisted living facilities, and home care support centres.

No prior experience with reminiscence facilitation is required, but having voluntary experiences with older adults will be preferable. This module is self-paced and can be completed in approximately 1.5hours.

By the end of this e-learning module, participants will have the preliminary knowledge and basic skills to facilitate individual or group reminiscence sessions and enhance the wellbeing of older adults through the power of shared memories and experiences.

Course Staff

Associate Professor Carol Ma
Head, Gerontology Programme

Associate Professor Carol Ma is the Head of Gerontology Programmes (Master & PhD) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She is a strong advocate for and an active and passionate practitioner in service-learning and ageing. She takes the lead in curriculum development and community engagement. Together with the National Archives of Singapore and Dementia Singapore, she has led the development of the Reminiscence in Dementia Care Project.

Ms Patricia Lee
Reminiscence Arts Facilitator in Dementia Care


Ms. Patricia Lee is an accredited Reminiscence Arts Facilitator in Dementia Care by the European Reminiscence Network (ERN) since 2017. Together with her husband, they co-founded Reminisce Connect to help bridge and deepen relationships with the elderly.

Since then, they have developed three flagship programmes for persons living with dementia and the caregivers : Take off your CAP!; Tell Me Your Story Pa and Ma!; and recently, Gospel Through Reminiscence, targeted at dementia and spirituality.

With the help of trained sessional facilitators, Patricia has chief facilitated numerous reminiscence sessions in big, small and one-to-one setting. She has also customised and conducted reminiscence training workshops for professionals, caregivers and volunteers.

As an oral history practitioner, she champions the use of archives and oral narratives in promoting the wellbeing of the elderly, including persons living with dementia. Moving forward, she is keen to explore the use of reminiscence in palliative care.

  • Start: Open for Enrolment
  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Price: S$35.97 (including GST)
  • Course Provider: Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Subject: Reminiscence Facilitation
  • Language: English




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